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for the ps coding discord's halloween contest i made a halloween solomod. its a monothreat ghost micrometa of 31 mons (counting formes) that includes very silly things such as:​
  • several mons with three or four typings, plus a couple new types added for good measure
  • 300 pp rage fist (along with every ghost move being various levels of ridiculous)​
  • magic spells you can pick up and use inbattle​
  • jumpscares ingame (yes, real ones)​
  • random dynamax and tinymax​
  • no 'k' (sorry, i forgot it existed)​
  • ace representation​
  • Merasmus (From Team Forretress Two For The Xbox Three Sixty)​
the sheet
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Hey y'all, I'm retiring Limited for another idea I have that should (in theory) be cooler to play.

I've also been quite busy, so I couldn't do much coding. However, I made some progress on the MG series. I will have to figure some stuff out and talk to the server admins regarding a few things, but I have the raw code for (almost) everything. Just need to ask a few things to the leaders.

Have a nice one!
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Update on A Golden Experience: well, let's say we had a lot going on. A whole lot. Now the entire Gen 9 is there, there is a proto VR and a proto UU and stuff, a lot of things have changed... And the meta is basically untested, so this is why in the following days, a little tour will be launched!

Everything will be on Discord, so make sure to join the server:
Name of Mod: Crystal Legacy
A mod made by TSP (Smithplayspokemon)with the purpose of making it a more rounded experience playing through the game. Link to his video is below make sure to check it out and the discord for the hack.
Crystal Legacy

Link to Changes:
Google Doc for Crystal Legacy

Pokemon Crystal Legacy Learnset and Move Lookup Tool V1.5 - Google Sheets

Summary of the Mod: This is an enhancement hack of Pokemon Crystal meant to bring balancing to the games terrible learnsets, stats for new pokemon, Move changes themselves, and the overall game balance. We have given pokemon access to new unique niches by giving access to moves they normally would not have in the base game. Example being Aerodactyl getting access to Rock Slide, Heracross getting Cross Chop, and move like Rock Smash becoming a 60 bp move. With Ghost type becoming special and Dark Type becoming Physical will also lead to some big coverage shifts. This is likely to keep the meta somewhat the same on the top end but bring huge variety to the bottom and mid tiers.
Competitive Overview:
Overall the changes we have made to the game will lead to a very unique situation in the meta game. While Snorlax is still incredibly powerful there are new contenders to compete with it. Also, the changes made to Thief, Rock Smash, and Cut will allow for coverage to be incredibly diverse. In addition, the biggest change is that Dark is Physical and Ghost is Special.

Some Pokemon with interesting moveset changes that could be interesting:

Gligar- A Pokemon with great coverage moves now and good typing.
Wing Attack
Cut (Now a Bug type move)/Thief (60 BP move)
Rock Smash (now a 60 bp move)

Misdreavus- Stat buffs, access to Ice coverage, and a good moveset
Shadow Ball (now special attack)
Hypnosis/Confuse Ray
Pain Split

Heracross- Access to a really strong stab move now.
Cross Chop
Sleep Talk

Aerodactyl- Access to rock Slide and a 1 turn 120 BP Sky attack is big.
Sky Attack
Rock Slide

Pidgeot- Gets access to extremespeed and the new sky attack.
Sky Attack
Steel Wing/Pursuit

Furret- Extremespeed access makes it better
Sleep talk

As seen above the changes above to learnsets will allow for pokemon to have a better chance to compete in the meta. Overall, should lead to an interesting meta.


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Gonna get right to the chance, we're finally doing something that we haven't done since the beginning of the generation: approving solomods to have their own threads!

The 2 solomods below came in with huge playerbase that the mod team felt were deserving of having a more visible platform to grow that playerbase even further. Thus, without further adieu, the following solomods can have their own threads in the solomods subforum:
cyclonez_'s Do Not Use
Kine2's UUbers

While these are the only thread approvals for now, I can certainly see a couple other solomods getting threads in the near future with a bit more buzz, so I promise the next round of approvals will be less than 10 months from now!

That's all for now, see you soon!


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:raticate: New Solomod y'all. Here's Best of Rentals :raticate:

This is a random battle format, where every available Pokemon has exactly 1 set. They have their ability, moves, stats, items and tera type fixed and the point is to have a metagame, where you have an idea of what you're opponent might bring and you will have every resource on them and it goes the opposite way too.
The format is also a bring 12, pick 6 format, thus there's more strategy involved with picking Pokemon and planning ahead.
The Best of part of the name comes from the fact that the random battles are best of 1, 3 and 5 (depending on what you want to play!).
I have some issues with coding, so it isn't playable right now, but as long as I'm working on it, you can submit some sets to me and hopefully make more possible stategies.
:raticate: New Solomod y'all. Here's Best of Rentals :raticate:

This is a random battle format, where every available Pokemon has exactly 1 set. They have their ability, moves, stats, items and tera type fixed and the point is to have a metagame, where you have an idea of what you're opponent might bring and you will have every resource on them and it goes the opposite way too.
The format is also a bring 12, pick 6 format, thus there's more strategy involved with picking Pokemon and planning ahead.
The Best of part of the name comes from the fact that the random battles are best of 1, 3 and 5 (depending on what you want to play!).
I have some issues with coding, so it isn't playable right now, but as long as I'm working on it, you can submit some sets to me and hopefully make more possible stategies.
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Name of Mod: Mega Mania
Mascot: None at the moment
Link to Changes: TBD
Summary of the Mod: Why have 1 mega when you can have 6? In this mod all 6 Pokémon on your team will be able to mega evolve. I think this could be a fun meta and i am open to critiques. The base metagame is natdex ou but i'm open to unbanning some megas from ubers if thats what the people want.
Competitive Overview: megas are often centerpieces for the teams they are on and some outshine others. The megas that would good before will be good now. Maybe you could try fun core of mons such as latias-mega + a fighting type mega to deal with pursuit trappers.
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Name of Mod: Johto Expansion Pak

Mascot :walking-wake:

Link to Changes: There isn't a single space for just the changes, but you can see all the data on this project HERE (still very extensive!)

Summary of the Mod: This is the sequel to Kanto Expansion Pak, but for Gen 2! Expect new Pokemon from the SpaceWorld 97 Demo, other GS Betas and of course, the KEP additions. Come join the Kanto Expansion Pak Discord Server where developments on this will be taking place soon.

Most of the philosophy and decision-making made for KEP carries directly into here. Plague von Karma is still heavily involved in how this project is being built up so you'll likely see many familiar design decisions. I'll revisit some of the KEP examples here to elaborate:
  • Any Pokemon or additional form related to a Pokemon is added to the game, excluding Mega Evolutions due to not being replicable on cartridge. This includes any regional variant, evolution, etc.
    • Eg.
      • Dudunsparce evolves from Dunsparce, so it now exists in JEP.
      • Kleavor was added in PLA, so it now exists in JEP.
      • Wearlycan was cut, so it's given PvK's touch to exist in JEP.
    • If a Pokemon received stat buffs at some point, they are reverted to JEP standards; for example, Alolan Raichu has 100 Speed.
  • Restored cut content, such as scrapped learned moves, items and Pokemon.
    • Scrapped Pokemon are custom made, tailored towards the mod itself. For example, Bruinous is a run-of-the-mill Fire-type, and Qwilfather is a revamped Qwilfish. Some are competitive, others aren't, such is the reality of adding nearly 200 new things to use.
Competitive Overview: It's pretty hard to predict how this tier will initially look. I personally think that Pokemon like Ursaluna, Iron Treads, Iron Bundle, Sandy Shocks will make a name for themselves for sure. Snorlax should hopefully maintain some degree of relevance in order to keep power levels at bay. There's really a lot going on making this quite difficult to Theorymon out of the box - I'd like to play with all the moving parts as they are and try to refine down to something potentially unique for the GSC landscape.

So in essence, we'll balance, adjust, ban etc. as we play. Kanto Expansion Pak itself should hopefully be a testament that you can trust this will be a fun experience. Come play! :afrostar:
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Name of Mod: PokeMorty

Link to Changes: Spreadsheet

Summary of the Mod: PokeMorty is a joke solomod heavily inspired by the mobile game "Pocket Morty", which is itself heavily inspired by Pokemon.
Pokemons in PokeMorty are referred as "Mortys", this mod aims to reproduce the core concept of its source. As such, Mortys don't have an ability or stat-changing nature, they cannot hold an item and you can only have 5 Mortys in your teams.

Competitive Overview: Similarly to "Pocket Morty", PokeMorty works in a Rock(Rock)-Paper(Grass)-Scissors(Steel)-style where stats changes are one of your best tools to achieve victory, due to Mortys limited learnset and the game simplified mechanics and moves. The mod is still fresh so broken stuff will occur.

You can find more information about the mod on the PokeMorty Discord server!


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Name of Mod: Tradebacks Expanded
Mascot: :Clefable:
Link to Changes
: Spreadsheet
Summary of the Mod: The Original 151 Pokemon have had a lot of movepool additions over the years. This mod is an expanded version of RBY's Tradebacks metagame. That metagame allows Pokemon to use moves that learn in Gen 2 as long as the move is in Gen 1. For example, Alakazam can use Ice Punch, but Gengar can't use Shadow Ball since the move's not in Gen 1. This mod expands this to Natdex. If a Pokemon learns the move in NatDex and the move is in Gen 1, the Pokemon can use it. For example, Clefable has Soft-Boiled, but it still can't use Moonblast. Stats/Typing are unchanged, so any buffs are not in place. Games are also played in RBY, so all Gen 1 mechanics are present.
Competitive Overview: Detailed summary is in the spreadsheet. I think the biggest winners are:Clefable::raticate::Dodrio::Dugtrio::Sandslash::Persian::Aerodactyl:
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Name of Mod: Gen 9 Custom Game
Mascot: :eternatus-eternamax:
Link to Changes: (also shows how to change level/add more than 4 moves)
Summary of the Mod: The full capabilities of the Custom Game format on PS! Teams of up to 24 Pokemon in size are legal, each Pokemon can run up to 24 moves, Pokemon can have a maximum level of 9999, and Showdown-specific Pokemon/moves/Abilities (ex: Pokestars, LGPE moves, CAP mons/moves/Abilities, Missingno.) are allowed.
Competitive Overview: Rather Pure Hackmons-esque, being centered around the same elements in Neutralizing Gas/Eternatus-Eternamax/Revival Blessing/Last Respects/Ability Shield/to a lesser extent Wonder Guard, Innards Out, No Guard, and Gulp Missile Cramorant-Gorging. There are also additional teambuilding pressures in Imprison, Beat Up, Good as Gold sweepers, perfect coverage Huge Power/Wonder Guard/No Guard sweepers, and Wonder Guard Double Shock sweeper Regieleki due to the nature of a 24-move/mon format. Made an RMT for this a while back that features sets.
Name of Mod: gen4OU+gen5UU+gen6RU+gen7NU+gen8PU
Mascot: gen4 Gliscor without a toxic orb
Link to Changes: TBD
Summary of the Mod: The logical conclusion of "this gens UU was last gens OU"
Competitive Overview: Ideally they would have the mechanics from the generation they are from.
Name of the Mod: Conquest Dex
Mascot: :eevee:
Link to Changes: Spreadsheet
Summary of the Mod:
Pokemon conquest has always been one of my favorite pokemon sidegames. This Mod gives some of its unique abilities and items the chance to shine in a competitive 6v6 format. The pokedex and tier features only the pokemon you obtain ingame in pokemon conquest. I think the meta could potentially be quite enjoyable and I can't wait to hear thoughts on the mod in general. With that being said I put a link to a preliminary survey here to get your thoughts before I launch the solomod.
Competitive Overview: TBD


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Servus! Like last DLC, I decided to update the movepools for exisitng Pokemon and add some of the new Pokemon.

KunirschPetal Blizzard
PortrentiPetal Blizzard
ElchunstPetal Blizzard, Alluring Voice
PoniarcTemper Flame, Scorching Sands
SizzlorseTemper Flame, Scorching Sands
KlimyrossTemper Flame, Scorching Sands
SynakeBreaking Swipe, Dragon Cheer, Alluring Voice, Psychic Noise
WavettleBreaking Swipe, Dragon Cheer, Alluring Voice, Psychic Noise
AeskoundBreaking Swipe, Dragon Cheer, Alluring Voice, Psychic Noise
FalicleFeather Dance
FrezalkFeather Dance
GletschalkFeather Dance
NimmaupSkitter Smack
KokickSkitter Smack
SchmesattSkitter Smack, Alluring Voice, Psychic Noise
BoltriaSupercell Slam
NutriquaSupercell Slam
KalaustryCoaching, Scorching Sands, Alluring Voice
RanschaefCoaching, Scorching Sands, Alluring Voice
AntronSkitter Smack
QueantSkitter Smack
VoleczSupercell Slam
LidektroSupercell Slam, Alluring Voice
BoaraxTemper Flame, Coaching, Upper Hand
WildaxeTemper Flame, Coaching, Upper Hand
GraidPetal Blizzard
AngrainPetal Blizzard, Upper Hand
FeveeTriple Axel, Coaching, Hard Press
PauleonTriple Axel, Coaching, Hard Press
OrkaveCoaching, Scorching Sands, Meteor Beam
TaurotTriple Axel, Coaching, Feather Dance, Upper Hand
MinowingTriple Axel, Coaching, Feather Dance, Upper Hand
KramlaufTemper Flame, Feather Dance
RessuredomScorching Sands, Expanding Force, Meteor Beam, Psychic Noise
GargionBreaking Swipe, Hard Press, Upper Hand
ManutzAlluring Voice
BurschussTemper Flame, Feather Dance, Dragon Cheer
PhoenussTemper Flame, Feather Dance, Dragon Cheer
Ostar-RichiTriple Axel, Feather Dance
SeganubeDragon Cheer
JealokaisTemper Flame, Dragon Cheer
AmethizMeteor Beam
ScalethystMeteor Beam, Dragon Cheer
JuwyvernMeteor Beam, Dragon Cheer
PatwinisSkitter Smack
RautwinisCoaching, Skitter Smack, Upper Hand
VolkobilTemper Flame, Supercell Slam, Scorching Sands, Hard Press
ExpremoosExpanding Force, Alluring Voice, Upper Hand
Expremoos-FExpanding Force, Alluring Voice, Upper Hand
SeditzelScorching Sands
PlanindExpanding Force
YsiogueExpanding Force, Alluring Voice
MusalkasWhirlpool, Muddy Water
FossgooWhirlpool, Muddy Water
GoltinkScorching Sands, Expanding Force, Meteor Beam, Alluring Voice
TropalmPetal Blizzard
HypsandScorching Sands, Expanding Force, Meteor Beam, Psychic Noise
LaichtoWhirlpool, Supercell Slam
LockossalTemper Flame, Supercell Slam, Scorching Sands, Hard Press
PauptionTemper Flame
NaturthisScorching Sands, Meteor Beam, Alluring Voice
KunturthisScorching Sands, Meteor Beam, Alluring Voice
GlaconeTemper Flame, Triple Axel, Upper Hand
OetzowakTemper Flame, Triple Axel, Upper Hand
FerreelSupercell Slam, Hard Press
PraspinSupercell Slam, Hard Press
RadrissSupercell Slam, Hard Press
SigisinTemper Flame, Feather Dance, Expanding Force, Psychic Noise
BredoomTemper Flame, Coaching, Hard Press, Upper Hand
FrosgrossTemper Flame, Alluring Voice
AbomacruelPetal Blizzard, Temper Flame
Porygon-VTemper Flame
LatakunoTemper Flame, Dragon Cheer
YorlatorTriple Axel, Expanding Force, Alluring Voice, Upper Hand
MranovoTriple Axel, Upper Hand
CurtowalTriple Axel, Hard Press, Upper Hand
GuadockHard Press
StoleagleFeather Dance, Expanding Force, Metal Sound, Dragon Cheer, Alluring Voice, Psychic Noise
AdlerzFeather Dance, Upper Hand
HungurulFeather Dance, Expanding Force, Alluring Voice
Hungurul-DynamicFeather Dance, Expanding Force, Alluring Voice
ChasilenTemper Flame, Triple Axel, Upper Hand
Cubone-RoovnenTemper Flame, Triple Axel, Upper Hand
Dratini-RoovnenBreaking Swipe, Dragon Cheer
Dragonair-RoovnenBreaking Swipe, Dragon Cheer
Dragonite-RoovnenBreaking Swipe, Dragon Cheer
Torkoal-RoovnenScorching Sands
Roggenrola-RoovnenExpanding Force
Boldore-RoovnenExpanding Force
Gigalith-RoovnenExpanding Force
Sewaddle-RoovnenAlluring Voice
Swadloon-RoovnenAlluring Voice
Leavanny-RoovnenAlluring Voice, Triple Axel
Golett-RoovnenScorching Sands, Expanding Force
Rolycoly-RoovnenTemper Flame, Supercell Slam, Scorching Sands, Hard Press
Carkol-RoovnenTemper Flame, Supercell Slam, Scorching Sands, Hard Press

Notable Movepool Additions for existing Pokemon:
:flygon: +Stealth Rock, Vaccum Wave
:metagross: +Knock Off, Psychic Fangs
:latias: +Draining Kiss, Weather Ball
:latios: +Flip Turn, Weather Ball
:mienshao: +Triple Axel
:toxtricity: +Psychic Noise
:meowscarada: +Triple Axel
:quaquaval: +Triple Axel

New Additions to the meta:

Terapagos-Stellar won't be available due to Terastallization being unavailable, however, I will make Tera Starstorm Stellar-type to keep the spirit of the mechanic. It is essentially typeless. I will also allow Pecharunt earlier, since I see no point in preserving it for later.

On a note: The Latis' Signature moves got buffed in DLC2, and thus I will take the buff which is just an additional BP of 5.

On another note, I'm currently working on a DLC for Roovnen and I'm far into development and finishing it. But for now, the "Post-Home" meta is pretty much finished. The new Pokemon and the movepool additions need to be tested, but so far I will finalize Roovnen for Home. I'm thinking about doing a DLC2 after I finish the first but I see no point in developing it. However, I might be developing a ROM Hack???? Maybe?! Time will tell.


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FE VGC logo.png

In summary, this gen I got more into VGC and thought it'd be cool to have a VGC-Focused mod, but I am aware most of Pet Mods' playerbase is not too interested in that format, so a traditional mod would see little activity regarding submissions. Instead, I decided to make Fusion Evolution VGC mostly by myself (with some help from Yoshiblaze). I adjusted a few of the traditional Fusion Evolution rules as I saw necessary for the mod's development:
  • Pokémon will be divided into 4 groups: "Basic", "Paradox", "Minor Legendary" and "Restricted Legendary".
  • I will divide this into 4 regulations. Regulation A would have Basics only, Regulation B would have Basics + Paradoxes, Regulation C would have Basics + Paradoxes + Minor Legendaries, and Regulation D would have all of the previously mentioned ones + 2 Restricted Legendaries allowed per team. Currently, only Regulation A is finished, and I will be releasing more throughout the year.
  • Mythical Pokémon are not allowed to be used in fusions.
  • Unlike base FE, I will be allowing Pokémon here to have multiple abilities. I'll also give myself some more creative liberty on what I allow as far as stretchy ability go.
  • VGC rules and regulations, so Item Clause and the like still apply, Tera is legal; basically follows the standard VGC rules (no megas!).
  • Derivate abilities will go through the same conditions as their "parent" abilities. So Dark-Types are immune to Prankster Derivates, Own Tempo Derivates are immune to Intimidate Derivates, so on and so forth.
  • For fun, I tried to see how much I could do by just using the Pokémon available in SV.
  • Fusions between a Restricted Legendary and a Non-Restricted will be allowed to have up to +50 BST instead of the usual +20. Restricted Pokémon are meant to be incredibly powerful high-bst beasts, so imo it makes sense to allow their fusions to follow suit.

A spreadsheet with all 63 Regulation A fusions can be found here. The Spreadhseet contains a quick competitive description for every fusion to help guide players in what the intent of the fusion is.

As for a mascot, I decided to go with Spiritzer

[Gen 3] OU Sample Team Randbats
All 378 sample teams pulled from the RoA, thelinearcurve, and Ibidem sample teams. Playable on DH.
I'd like to expand upon this idea and extend this to all OU tiers (and eventually work into lower tiers, OMs, even Pet Mods!). I've had a chat with a few other folks and this project seems like a pretty great learning tool for people to get into new tiers.

Chatted with Yak Attack about this idea and he's cool with it. Expect fun things soon!

Edit: I'll keep posted on the progress of tiers in this post.

RBY OU: ongoing
GSC OU: ongoing
ADV OU (update): ongoing
DPP OU: ongoing
BW OU: ongoing
ORAS OU: ongoing
SM OU: ongoing
SwSh OU: ongoing
SV OU: ongoing

If you want me to do this for your Pet Mod / OM / Lower Tier / Neighbour's dog, just let me know
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Name of Mod: BerryMons
Link to Changes:
(Currently WIP)
Summary of the Mod: A micrometa based around the idea of making Pokemon based on the berries other than Pecha Berry.
Competitive Overview: This is a really chaotic meta.
:cheri berry: Modeled after Deoxys-Speed, Cherirunt is the fastest Mon in the meta. Much like Deoxys-Speed, it can be used as a lead, setting hazards, spreading status, and removing items. It can also be used as a late game cleaner, its high speed accentuated by its combo of signature move and ability that gives it a 50% chance to paralyze and power up its next Electric move, which is especially devastating once the Ground types are gone.
:lumineon: Lumineon has a valuable niche in being able to cure the status that's getting thrown around with its signature move Holy Water.
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Pokémon Earth & Sky: Horizons Expansion
The Gen 9 update to Earth & Sky is here! Venture to the island of Sartori, a quiet and ecologically diverse place and the site of a recent naturalistic movement to preserve rare Pokémon and even re-introduce extinct species to a modern environment, such as those from the ancient land of Hisui. The island itself has some Pokémon you can't find anywhere else, such as the Bug/Electric Sartorian Kricketune, said to have inspired the theremin, and its bass-boosting Dark/Electric regional evolution Amplitune that blasts Galvanize Boombursts out of one speaker and Technician-boosted moves such as Parabolic Charge and Payback out of the other.

What makes this metagame unique? My central design philosophy with Earth & Sky that I continue with Horizons is balancing the effects of moves, Abilities, etc. relative to each other's power and to their levels of distribution, while also maximizing variety to create more Pokémon that are interesting as the sums of their parts. I firmly hold against Game Freak's ever-more-prevalent trend on hyper-optimizing and granting flashy signature toys to each and every new addition to warp the game around them. Most of these elements are tuned down, given out, or even tossed entirely to create a metagame that enjoys the contributions of Gens 6, 7, 8, and 9 while leaving behind the broken stuff that National Dex metagames still struggle with.

Another major example of this philosophy in action is the introduction of the Hidden Move. Like their Hidden Ability, a Pokémon's Hidden Move is a special move, handpicked for each and every Pokémon, that it wouldn't otherwise be able to learn, including many moves exclusive to other or even legendary Pokémon. This is sure to provide new niches for some forgotten old Pokémon; experience such novelties as Accelerock Rampardos, Ruination Spiritomb, and Spectral Thief Dusknoir.

What's new? The original Earth & Sky were finalized around midway through Gen 8, so other than a couple of tutor moves, I didn't include anything from the DLC and beyond. The Horizons Expansion brings it up to speed, notably being the first playable Solomod or Pet Mod to include the entire National Pokédex (including in a balance sense... sorry imando). The Sartorian Dex adds nearly 90 new Pokémon and 30 regional forms (both of Egelan and Sartorian forms and variants of regular forms who are in the Egelan Pokédex) to the Regional format, a 50% expansion that has been designed to highlight Earth & Sky's big changes and diversify the metagame. I'm also trying something different in all regular formats to combat what actually counts as power creep as more and more legendary-tier Pokémon are introduced: This is the Restricted Rules, which limits players to two combined Legendary/Ultra Beast/Paradox Pokémon on their team and enforces Item Clause. The purpose of this ruleset is to emulate the feel of Gen 6 metagames, where teams rarely ran or needed more than two Pokémon of that power level, and to prevent teams from being stacked with items like Heavy-Duty Boots and allow more niche items to have a place like they do in Item-Claused VGC metas.

Highlights: Here are some Pokémon that I think will be intriguing or just that I like a lot.
+ 77/135/140/75/110/48 stats
Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the twelve new Mega Evolutions? Mega Druddigon is one of the two new ones in the Horizons Expansion, coming with a unique Ability in Stoneskin. With Stoneskin, Mega Druddigon enters its Statue Form upon switching in or using a non-damaging move, which protects it from being inflicted with status, having its stats dropped, or taking residual damage from things like Spikes. Using a damaging move will switch it back, though. With access to a buffed Morning Sun as its Hidden Move alongside Druddigon's existing tools, it carves out a solid defensive niche for itself despite the lack of an item.
Genius engineer and local Steel-type Trial Overseer Ginny has been hard at work improving her greatest invention and working on a new one.
View attachment 552746 (look, I'm making art!) Utilitron is a unique Egelan Pokémon with three different Modes: its Default Mode is Steel/Electric with Ground and Rock coverage and a physical leaning, its Steel/Water Boat Mode has balanced offenses and Speed, and the Steel/Flying Copter Mode trades bulk for offense. With access to great moves like Shift Gear and Double Iron Bash, it had a lot of potential... except that Boat and Copter Modes were held back by being forced to know Surf or Fly, respectively, to maintain their Mode. This restriction is now lifted so those Modes can realize that potential, and a nice +20 Attack was thrown in there for all three to boot.

Ginny also got wind of a different Pokémon modification over in Paldea, and she worked with their creator to produce smaller versions that can be equipped to a standalone Revavroom. These Star Mods change Revavroom's secondary typing (or not, if you're Navi) to that of the Starmobile, swap a few moves to go with it, give it access to the matching Ability and Torque move, and alter its stats to more closely fit the original build.

Palafin has been unbanned! Why is that? Well, it certainly wasn't going to get to keep transforming into a 650 BST behemoth just for switching out. In fact, Hero Form Palafin doesn't gain any stats at all. Instead, it takes up Supreme Overlord's effect, transforming only after one of its allies has fallen. It can reach a power level close to what it had before, but only when it's the last line of defense before a bitter defeat. It also can't spam Jet Punch, which is now a Shadow Punch variant to give mid-level physical Water STAB to Mons that sorely need it like Azumarill and Swampert.

Kingambit itself loses Supreme Overlord to avoid its own absurd power level, if you hadn't guessed. It gets Sharpness instead, which has been reduced to a more modest 30% boost, in line with prior Earth & Sky changes to Iron Fist and Mega Launcher (which now boosts cannon moves and everything blocked by Bulletproof). Kowtow Cleave is cleaved to leave it with Night Slash, but in its place is a new Sharpness-boosted Steel STAB in Metal Edge (a clone of Leaf Blade) and the return of Pursuit, so it'll still have a place.

Would you believe me if I said that Unown could be a game-shaping threat without gaining any moves or stats? Well, it technically got Stored Power as a Hidden Move... but what it really got was a Hidden Ability, as all Levitate Pokémon got, but Unown got something special. Glyphic Spell's effect changes based on Unown's letter and draws from the strongest effects in the entire game. For instance, Unown J's Join puts its pitiful stats to use by splitting them all with the opponent (its actual HP is split as with Pain Split), Unown Q's Quicken immediately buffs it to +6 Speed to sweep weakened teams with the aforementioned Stored Power, and Unown R's Reverse provides the coveted automatic Trick Room.

It was originally introduced in Earth & Sky, but the Horizons Expansion changed or buffed quite a few letters' effects. Unown A's Adapt now gives it the unique Hidden Power mechanic from when it was its signature move in Legends: Arceus, only the algorithm is improved to consider double weaknesses, resistances, and immunities, and it also changes Unown's own type to match... and adds Adaptability just because. Unown D switched to Darkness, which summons the introduced Midnight effect that suppresses weather and terrain and prevents them from being set. The Darkness spell is the only automatic source of Midnight in the game.
... are all dead. They keep eating up the metagame, and quick frankly, it takes a lot of justification to be stronger than God.
Seeing as Primal Groudon is the original strength and normal Groudon is a weakened state, their stats were lowered to 700 and 600 BST respectively to reflect that. The same is true of Kyogre too, of course.

...and sort of Rayquaza. It only took a 30 BST drop, to its regular offenses and Mega's defenses and 5 Speed in both, but Mega Rayquaza is away from its Hoenn home and needs to hold a Meteorite to Mega Evolve now. Delta Stream was also nerfed to be on the same level as Filter, affecting any weaknesses of Flying-type Pokemon on the field. It'll still be good, but manageable enough to unban.

The Pokédex says that Necrozma's mangled state puts it in a lot of pain, and even Solgaleo's light that it's consuming to reach its original form is too much for it. This is now reflected in gameplay, as Prism Armor hurts it for 10% of its max HP at the end of each turn, like a Life Orb. Don't worry, it can still use Ultranecrozmium Z to Ultra Burst and escape it, and to be honest, with a better Morning Sun and Flare Blitz now at its disposal, Dusk Mane would've been even harder to handle than before otherwise.

Zacian is interesting because S/V nerfed it differently than I did. I dropped 20 Speed while S/V limited its Ability, and while I don't like once-per-battle as a concept, it did give me a different idea to limit the Ability to activating only under half-health. Zacian calls its full strength when it's cornered... and easily revenged. For example, Armarouge can comfortably take anything short of a +3 Assurance and then KO on the next turn with a Mega Launcher Pellet Shot.

Okay, maybe there's one king left, metaphorically if not literally. Astral Barrage was nerfed to 110/85% to match Origin Pulse, Grim Neigh was tossed in the trash where it belongs, and with Pursuit and no Tera, it can't run away from its crippling Dark weakness very well anymore. The other side is that Grim Neigh had to be replaced with something... and it's actually two very good somethings, as Calyrex and Spectrier both got Hidden Abilities in the form of Majesty (exactly what it sounds like) and Earth & Sky's Soul Drain (Shell Bell as an Ability). As One can pick from any pair of their Abilities (reflected in the teambuilder by which two slots are being taken), and with these two, it can avoid the priority that's most of what can outspeed its still blazing 150 and heal off chip damage with its still strong assault.

It's obviously more manageable without Tera, but Hadron Engine was also nerfed to match the other straight Sp. Attack-boosting effect... Wise Glasses, at a measly 10%.
Already existing changes in Earth & Sky prevents Gholdylocks here from invalidating hazard removal. Defog targets the enemy side, so the only thing Good as Gold blocks is the evasion drop, and Rototiller was reworked into hazard/terrain removal (which Defog doesn't do now) that also targets the field. It loses Make It Rain, too, letting it shine (hah) more for its outstanding defensive and utility profile rather than just doing it all.

Since Sharpness was given to Gallade in a game where Mega Evolution doesn't exist, I had to reconcile that by giving Sharpness to the Mega, which honestly fits those blades better anyway. It doesn't have the Agility TM, but it does have a buffed Steadfast in its base form, which is now a +1 Speed version of Defiant. This is going to make it a menace in the Regional Dex format, and given its and regular Sharpness Gallade's individual viabilities, I predict it will be able to lock blades with the newly-branded Valiant Droid in OU as well.

[artwork pending] The Egelan Legendary Jurotera was originally left out of a signature move or Ability by accident, but that has been fixed and it's very scary. Equalizer takes a page from Shadow Half, dealing damage to everyone on the field equal to half of Jurotera's max HP. With Recover to heal that off, base 100s across the board, and outstanding coverage, it should be a great mono-Normal threat. Who'da thunk?

Grafaiai gets Sketch as its Hidden Move. Like Necturna (who also has it as its Hidden Move now for the same effect), this limits it to one Sketched move. Let the chaos begin.
Blah blah blah, where's the metagame? Okay okay, fine. The spreadsheet of changes is here. Like Earth & Sky were at their launch, the Horizons Expansion is playable right now over on the new Dragon Heaven server! Expand your horizons with the Horizons Expansion!
Horizons Expansion
Wave 2: Beyond the Horizons
So, I wasn't planning on making this, but then the Indigo Disk released and inspiration came with it. This is the swan song for Earth & Sky, including the ideas that I have been on the edge about including and decided, "Eh, what the hell, it can't be any worse than what Game Freak already makes, and it's not like anyone plays this to be critical anyway." The total amount of content as far as the battle simulator is concerned isn't much, with the main features being throwing Hidden Abilities at Mythicals/Ultra Beasts/Paradoxes and adding another 130 or so Pokemon to the regional dex.

As usual, it's already fully playable. I'm hoping to get some input on the nerfed trapping, which I haven't unbanned yet because I don't know if it solves what it should.


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is a Pre-Contributor
Name of Mod: WonkyMons Returns
Mascot: :Palkia: (in memory of Contrary Palkia)
Link to Changes:
Summary of the Mod: NatDex format with Dynamax banned - Based of the first and second iterations of WonkyMons made by (now banned) EV, the SoloMod is about randomly assigning three Abilities for each Pokémon. Several also get additional moves to go with some of their replacing Abilities.
Competitive Overview: Because of the randomness involved, there is no certain about what Pokémon became much better and which of them became became less good. It does involve complex bans, which means some Pokémon cannot use one of their given Abilities due to being too powerful by it, and overpowered moves will get banned, not the sole user. With a few exception, Mega Evolution ended not worth the use.

Hardcoded Abilities and Wonder Guard remains within their original wielders, and all pre-evolutions shares the Ability pool with the first fully evolved form in the line; as examples, Ralts and Kirlia inherits from Gardevoir, Eevee inherits from Vaporeon, Tyrogue inherits from Hitmonlee, Petilil inherit from regular Lilligant and not Hisuain Lilligant, etc.
Most of the Mega Evolution only have one Ability, and most of which don’t have an useful Ability, resulting a plummeted viability at worst. There are still several who have an useful Ability or become overpowered, listed in National Dex order.
  • :venusaur-mega: Mega Venusaur have stolen Mega Abomasnow’s Ability! With Aurora Veil and naturally high bulk, Mega Venusaur can either stay and tank hits, or allow it’s allies to bring the pain. It also have perfectly accurate Blizzard as long as Snow stays active.
  • :beedrill-mega: Although Mega Beedrill’s Swarm isn’t helpful due to it’s frailty, base Beedrill have Simple, which means that if it manages to set up a Swords Dance, or score a KO with Fell Stinger, then troubles will be brewing. The base Beedrill is very bad on it’s own, though, so it is easy to KO before it can sweep. Still, not something to sleep on, and can demolish unprepared defensive teams.
  • :kangaskhan-mega: It remained overpowered, but for a different reason; Ice Scales. This means Special moves always deal half damage against it. That said, since it cost Kangaskhan‘s held item, and that Power-Up Punch and Seismic Throw become a lot less useful for it, there’s still judgement required if Mega Kangaskhan is less powerful or somehow even more powerful.
  • :mewtwo-mega-x: :mewtwo-mega-y: The two Mega Evolution of Mewtwo now have useful Ability, compared to the too-situational Abilities they used to have. Mega Mewtwo X gets Soul-Heart to be a mixed or pure Special Sweeper, while Mega Mewtwo Y appreciates stronger Ice-type coverage in the form of Ice Hyper Voice.
  • :houndoom-mega: Houndoom’s Mega Evolution summon the grassy field with Grassy Surge… to burn all Water-type, Rock-type and Ground-type foes standing on it’s way with it’s newly gained Grass-type coverage.
  • :swampert-mega: Mega Swampert only have Lingering Aroma, which is situational despite Mega Swampert’s naturally high physical bulk. The secret comes in with base Swampert’s Glastrier version of As One, allowing the base Swampert to rack up Attack boosts, then Mega Evolve when needed as a late game sweeper.
  • :gardevoir-mega: With Protean, Mega Gardevoir can switch it’s type on the spot to power up it’s first move, be it Mystical Fire, Charge Beam or Shadow Ball. Remember that Protean and Libero were nerfed to work only once per switch-in, which means Mega Gardevoir have to switch-out if it want to activate the Ability again.
  • :mawile-mega: Losing Huge Power caused Mega Mawile to lose a lot of viability as a wallbreaker… but it can go for a set-up sweeper instead in a Snow Team thanks to Slush Rush.
    • By the time of the 2024 Update, it now have Hospitability instead, which makes it more Doubles oriented but otherwise now unusable in Singles.
  • :manectric-mega: As if Intimidate isn’t good enough for it, Mega Manectric now have a permanent doubled physical bulk. This allows Mega Manectric to be a special sweeper with an outrageous physical bulk. Might be banned to Uber if proved too much.
  • :banette-mega: Alongside the following additional moves (Sacred Sword, Aqua Cutter, Night Slash, Bitter Blade, Stone Axe), Mega Banette’s new Ability in the form of Sharpness grants it much needed power boost. While it’s other stats remain cumbersome, it can be a terror with Sticky Web support.
  • :rayquaza-mega: Due to a modified clause that disallows Rayquaza to hold any item if it have Dragon Ascent, Mega Rayquaza have to contend with effectively no item (in-line with other Mega Evolution) as well as the nearly useless Magma Armor as it’s Ability. Their Attack and Special Attack are still sky-high, which allows for a rare role of an unorthodox mixed sweeper.
  • :garchomp-mega: While the other Mega Pseudo-Legends have less powerful Ability to balance them out, Mega Garchomp instead have Contrary. Which allows it to finally make use of it’s base 120 Special Attack via Draco Meteor. Whoops.
  • :lucario-mega: Mega Lucario remained banned since, despite Tough Claws being strictly physical, it a significant boost to almost all of Mega Lucario’s best moves, including Extreme Speed, making it just as offensively oppressive, if not even more.
  • :gallade-mega: Mega Medicham lost Pure Power in favor of Desolate Land. Meanwhile, Mega Gallade is the one who gets Pure Power. You can see why it’s an immediate ban from me.
  • As for the Primal Reversions (:groudon-primal: + :kyogre-primal:) and Ultra Nrcrozma (:necrozma-ultra:), Groudon lost it’s valuable Desolate Land in favor of the useless-in-singles Propeller Tail, while Kyogre at least enjoys Aerilate for extra coverage if it Primal Reverse. Ultra Necrozma’s Dazzling is less helpful, but nonetheless allows it for seamless sweeping without fear of priority moves.
You’ll have to discover what replacing Abilities all Pokémon got in the spreadsheet link posted within “Link to Changes”.
Say hello to WonkyMons Returns’ 2024 January Update!

It’s been a while, and the two DLCs (plus the surprise epilogue) have been released and implemented in Pokémon Showdown. As such, the following are added:
  • Sinischa line, Ogerpon, Bloodmoon Ursaluna, Loyal Trio, Archaludon, Dipplin + Hydrapple, Terapagos and Pecharunt are added, with new random Abilities given for them.
    • Ogerpon only have one Ability per Mask, including the Teal Mask, and also only one Ability per Tera form.
    • Terapagos’ normal form have three Abilities, while both Terastal and Stellar Terapagos only have one each like most form changed Pokémon with different Abilities.
    • The rest have three Abilities as normal.
    • Bloodmoon Ursaluna and Terapagos were banned by default. Hearthflame Ogerpon is allowed due to Mold Breaker and Embody Aspect (Attack) replaced by Grim Neigh and Sandstream respectively.
  • Hospitality, Mind’s Eye, the four Empathy Aspects, Toxic Chain, Supersweet Syrup, Tera Shell, Teraform Zero and Poison Puppeteer are added to random Pokémon. Find them to see who get them!
    • Each Embody Aspect Ability is given to one Pokémon, while the rest were given to at least two Pokémon.

[Gen 3] Expansion Pack

Hello, and welcome to the unofficial third installment in the Expansion Pak series! This is by no means run by Plague or Rezzo, in fact they hardly know about it (although I have permission from them to use their beta mons), but I'm running an 8-person tour on my personal Discord and we're getting some games in and testing the waters. In this mod of [Gen 3] OU, the key features are:
  • Gen 4-9 prevos and evos of Gen 1-3 Pokemon
  • Gen 4-9 regional variants and evolutions of Gen 1-3 Pokemon
  • Paradox formes of Gen 1-3 Pokemon
  • Tradeforward (Gen 1-2) and Tradeback (Gen 4-9) moves from Gens 1-3 in learnsets of Gen 1-3 Pokemon
  • Tradeback (Gen 4-9) Abilities for Gen 1-3 mons if a slot is available (only 2 slots available because Hidden Abilities did not exist)
  • Stat and Type updates from later Gens
  • Fairy type is converted to Normal type
All backported mons do not have Gen 4-9 Abilities or moves in their learnsets. In the spirit of the first two mods, I also added the beta mons from JEP.

What's not in:
  • Mega Evolution & Megas for Gen 1-3 mons
  • Shellos/Gastrodon (planned)
  • Gen 3 beta mon atrocities (such as Latiaziken)
  • Raikou/Entei Paradox (planned)
The major shortcomings of this mod are that the backported mons get Illuminate as their Ability if their Ability was a Gen 4-9 Ability, the beta mons get Illuminate as their only Ability, and the beta mons don't pick up Gen 3 moves! All of these are a WIP, but the meta is still playable without this. The tournament I'm running doesn't include the beta mons because I didn't want too much unfamiliar stuff out there for the participants to consider using.

This mod is playable on Glitch Showdown under [Gen 3] Expansion Pak OU. I have not banned anything on the server yet, so matchmake at your own risk.

(Gentleman's for now) Bans:
  • [Gen 3] OU bans
  • Drizzle (crazy in this format)
  • Drought (less crazy but still crazy)
  • BP + boosting moves (notable because the Baton Pass strategies are out of hand here)
  • Soul Dew
  • Starf Berry
  • Speed Boost Blaziken
  • Deoxys
  • Deoxys-Attack
  • Deoxys-Speed
  • Dugtrio
  • Flutter Mane
  • Ho-Oh
  • Iron Bundle
  • Latios
  • Lugia
  • Mew
  • Mewtwo
  • Rayquaza
Yes, this means Deoxys-Defense and Latias are unbanned because of power creep.

Watch list:
  • Annihilape
  • Clodsire
  • Deoxys-Defense
  • Entei
  • Froslass
  • Galarian Zapdos
  • Gliscor
  • Great Tusk
  • Iron Treads
  • Iron Valiant
  • Jirachi
  • Jolteon
  • Kleavor
  • Latias
  • Sandy Shocks
  • Scream Tail
  • Sneasler
  • Toedscruel
  • Umbreon
  • Ursaluna
  • Vaporeon
  • Walking Wake
  • Zapdos
You can spectate the tour on The Yak Pen. Just DM me on Discord at yakattack_ if you share the Pet Mods/Solomods/Showdown Coding Discord with me and I will share a link with you.

  • TYP (The Yak Pen) collective Viability Rankings (Tier Maker)
  • Roles Compendium
  • Speed Tiers
  • Draft league rankings and bans
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